Guided by instructional models,
I engage my design + research skills
to cultivate learning

customized to users' needs.

Hello! I'm Tiffany Feimer, an Instructional Designer based in the beautiful Bluegrass state.
Computer screen with the Articulate course introduction screen for "Apply Color: Enhancing Retention with Successful Visual Content" displayed.
Curriculum Development | Course Design | Multimedia Design
eLearning Specialist Onboarding Training
A computer monitor with an image of a female typing on a laptop displayed.
Curriculum Development | Course Design
Web + Digital Accessibility
A computer monitor with infographics displayed about English as Second Language statistics in Kentucky.
Instructional Design | Graphic Design | Multimedia Design
A computer monitor with still-shot of the video, "Typography in eLearning: 5 Keys for Professionals" displayed.
Multimedia Design
Instructional Videos
A computer monitor with's homepage displayed.
Website Design | ux/ui
Training Resource Center Websites