Poverty and Barriers
to Self-Sufficiency"

The "Understanding Poverty and Barriers to Self-Sufficiency" training intends to increase awareness for Department for Community-Based Services (DCBS) employees of the realities of poverty and the struggles that Kentucky families encounter. This web-based training is intended for new or tenured Family Support employees of DCBS. Through direct scenario completion, participants will experience the barriers clients face daily when in an impoverished situation. In some scenarios, participants will be asked to choose for the individual; in others, participants will see how there may be no good options available to the individual.

Being the first attempt at scenario-based training for the Training Resource Center's Family Support Training Division, it was worthwhile to invest time and effort in completing a detailed evaluation. The purpose of this evaluation report is to find out how valuable the training is for experienced DCBS employees, what have the DCBS employees learned, how the employees' behavior changed after the training, and finally, how practical the training was.
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