Portrait of Tiffany Feimer

I strive to deliver 
visually appealing, accessible,
data-influenced solutions.

Background +

Versatile Designer. I am a learning experience designer with a graphic design and communications background. My fine arts degree showed me the power of process, making me more intentional about how I approach solving problems. In addition, working in a university-based service communication role helped me hone my ability to connect people to knowledge that promotes critical thinking and informed decision-making; striving to encourage learning and growth. 

My human-centered mindset. My main goal is to help learners reach their full potential— my creative process begins and ends with the audience at the center. To design elegant and practical learning solutions, I determine how the audience will obtain the information efficiently and develop a course of action that reaches that outcome successfully. Understanding that not all learners are the same, user testing and data analysis is part of my process to adjust user-focused products to fit the audience's needs appropriately.

Collaboration is a cornerstone of my work. I enjoy building ideas with others. Building authentic relationships with fellow partners ensures our creative solutions serve audiences effectively while enjoying the ability to learn from one another and connect as a team. I am inclusive and interact openly, honestly, and cooperatively. I aim to support and build up the groups I join by encouraging others, and I love to feel supported by others.

Together, we can achieve success. I am all about growth and results. Suppose you or your organization want to leverage modern learning experiences that help people reach their full potential. In that case, we can design compelling, innovative solutions that confidently pursue professional excellence. 

Education +

Master of Science, Instructional Design + Learning Technology
Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond KY | Expected December 2023
Bachelor of Fine Arts, Graphic Design
University of Louisville, Louisville, KY | May 2020
Bachelor of Fine Arts, Interior Architecture
University of Louisville, Louisville, KY | December 2011

Communications Content Manager July 2022 - current
Eastern Kentucky University | Training Resource Center | Richmond, KY
Communications Content Specialist November 2020 - July 2022
Eastern Kentucky University | Training Resource Center | Richmond, KY
Graphic Design Intern Fall 2018 - Spring 2020
University of Louisville | Louisville Alumni | Louisville, KY

Toolkit +

Articulate: Storyline + Rise
Adobe Suite: InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere Rush, XD + Lightroom
Multimedia: Vimeo Create
Audio Recording: Audacity
LMS: Canvas + Moodle
UX/UI: Webflow

Empathetic + Inclusive
Problem-solving; Research + Editing
Organization + Time Management

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