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Typography in eLearning:
5 Key Tips for Professionals
Tools Used: Vimeo Create, Audacity, Adobe Rush + InDesign
Audience: Instructional Designers
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A divider with sections dedicated to magazine cutouts of each letter of the alphabet, with the video title, "Typography in eLearning: 5 Key Tips for Professionals" overlaying the divider.
Typography is critical for eLearning design and development; it can make eLearning courses look professional and well-organized or amateurish and sloppy. Typography in the right way is essential; it affects readability, information processing, and the overall effectiveness of an eLearning course. This video will share five critical tips for effectively using great typography in all eLearning courses.
Implicit Bias Scenario
Tools Used: Vimeo Create
Audience: Cabinet for Health + Family Services Staff
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A screenshot of the ending screen of the implicit bias video; dark blue background with the question, who is the surgeon? on display. Under the question, "Write your answer on a piece of paper."
TRC's virtual training session, "Implicit Bias: Own Your Own," aims to get participants to recognize the origins of their biases and reflect on how they impact their professional work. To connect the learners with how implicit bias works, the following scenario video is shown instead of reading the scenario out loud. We wanted to provide a visual to improve attention and organize the information more effectively. While there is no graphic content, the scenario can be triggering as it does deal with a car accident, so viewer discretion is advised.