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Training Resource Center Websites

For 39 years, the Eastern Kentucky University Training Resource Center (EKU TRC or TRC) has developed and delivered high-quality, impactful human services training, development, and support to Kentucky's workforce. As the organization continues to flourish, expanding technological advances to improve its ability to provide evolving training needs, it was also essential to investigate other opportunities to widen our services for all our projects, programs, and users.

One opportunity was refreshing dated websites of various programs TRC administers. In collaboration with the TRC IT team, I spearheaded the redesign of three new websites for the Training Branch, Out-of-Home Private Agency Program, and the nationally-recognized Public Child Welfare Certification Program. All website overhauls focused on providing relevant information, improving the User Experience (UX) quality, and strengthening the User Interface (UI) with appropriate branding and high-quality content.
Tools Used: Webflow
Audience: Kentucky's Cabinet for
Health + Family Services' Department for Community-Based Services (DCBS)
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The Training Branch website is a hub for all Department for Community-Based Services (DCBS) employees to provide quick access to all platforms and resources needed to achieve training requirements effectively. Not having any updates since the initial launch in the 90s, the goal was to figure out what content was still heavily utilized by users and what needed to be added— an overall simplification was what the website required.

To enhance the UX design, developing visual content that reflected TRC's newest brand refresh while ensuring accessibility was at the forefront since it is a requirement for any government partnership. Overall, the website is simple, functional, and inclusive. More importantly, it promptly updated with any necessary changes— the beauty of technology and how much it has grown from the 90s.
Out-of-Home Care Private Agency Program (OHCPAP)
Tools Used: Webflow
Audience: Private Child Placing (PCP) Staff + Foster Parents; Private Child Caring (PCC) Staff
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The Out-of-Home Care Private Agency Program (OHCPAP) aims to provide quality and timely training designed to improve the private childcare workers' and foster parents' abilities to counsel and care for the state of Kentucky's troubled, neglected and abused children and youth. In 2021, OHCPAP began a three-phase rebranding process. Assisting the program manager, I conceptualized and designed the new brand— from pertinent logos to a complete website build. 

The OHCPAP website is an easy-to-navigate, responsive site that brings forth the fundamentals for OHCPAP's targeted audience; current and interested foster parents and Private Child Placing (PCP) and Private Child Caring (PCC) staff. In addition, the website offers an excellent opportunity to market our newest innovations to program participants.

Through careful consideration with PCP/PCC staff, the website implements functionality to the new website, making informative and specialized resources more obtainable for ALL Kentucky care providers that OHCPAP serves and continues to strengthen. 
Public Child Welfare Certification Program
Tools Used: Webflow
Audience: Participating Kentucky Universities' current + interested Bachelor of Social Work students
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The Public Child Welfare Certification Program (PCWCP) is a nationally recognized program model that provides pre-service education and training to exclusive Bachelor of Social Work students in Kentucky. Upon graduation, PCWCP students secure employment with the Cabinet for Health and Family Services to serve child welfare services.

PCWCP had already established a well-maintained and managed website. However, transferring websites to a know design platform was a golden opportunity to reconstruct the original sitemap to provide an enhanced user-friendly experience that reflects a deep understanding of the student's expectations when they visit the site. Furthermore, having more content to showcase than the previous websites mentioned, this website was a great way to hone my UX skills by creating a student persona and their journey when accessing this site for the first time.